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About WF

Everything is More Beautiful When it’s Made with a Heart..



At Woof Frills all products are handmade .
Each handmade product has it's story.
We put a lot of time , effort  and passion in to making something that's comfortable , beautifully and made just for your pup.


No product made in a factory, on a machine, moved down a conveyor belt,receives the same attention to detail and consideration that a handmade item does.


You can be assured that we are a 100% handcrafted company. You will not see any of our collections being produced overseas with our name attached, that is not who we are as a business.



We love hearing from our customers and seeing how you style your Woof Frill. Join our community on  Instagram or Facebook and tag us #wooffrills for a chance to be featured. 

Lavi - creator & Owner