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Collar or Harness For a Puppy! Which Is Better?

Got a new puppy and wondering what's the best way to take them for walks? Choosing between a collar and a harness can be tricky, especially when your pup is still so small. Puppies are delicate bundles of fluff, so it's super important to choose the right walking gear. Keep reading to find out which is best for your little one!

Collar or Harness For a Puppy

When you're setting up your puppy's wardrobe, one of the first things you'll need is a walking gear. But did you know that picking between a collar and harness is a big decision?

Puppies are still growing, and their bodies are super fragile. The wrong walking gear could actually hurt their posture, back, or joints. That's why it's so important to get things right from the start – you don't want to accidentally hurt your little companion!

We recommend a dog collar for puppies more than a harness. Harnesses can sometimes be a bit tricky for their still-developing bodies, and a collar is much easier to put on. Plus, it's much easier to control a puppy who can't pull when they're wearing a collar!

Collars for Puppies! Simple and Safe

We've determined that collars are the way to go for little pups, but not all collars are created equal! You need to choose the right one to keep your puppy safe and comfortable.

For a puppy, keep it simple! A classic collar designed for everyday walking is the best choice. Forget about fancy collars with spikes or training features – these can be really dangerous for a young dog's sensitive neck.

No Pain, No Gain? Not for Puppies

Remember, puppies are still learning about the world. Any collar that uses pain as a way to discipline them is a big no-no. It can be really scary and might even make them afraid of walks and other activities in the future.

Picking the Perfect Collar for Your Puppy

Adjustable is Best

Wooffrills colourful puppy collars hang on a rack, adjustable and great for little puppies

Puppies grow like weeds! You can't always guess how much bigger they'll get in just a few weeks, so an adjustable collar is essential. It's like having a collar that can grow with your puppy! You'll be able to make it a little tighter as they get bigger, so you won't need to buy a new one every few weeks. 

Imagine how much money you'll save. Plus, you'll avoid the hassle of having to get your puppy used to a new collar – they're already comfortable with the one they have.

Lightweight is Right

Brown Woof Frills puppy collar rests on a wooden table

Even though puppies come in all shapes and sizes, they're all still delicate. That's why a lightweight collar is a must. Think about it – a heavy collar might feel like a burden to your little one, especially if they're a smaller breed. Look for collars made of lightweight materials like nylon or leather, and avoid those with lots of extra metal or decorations. 

It's All About Style

Multiple Wooffrills colourful puppy collars hang on a rack, with a variety of sizes and styles to choose from

Just like you pick outfits you love, your puppy deserves a collar that makes them look and feel great. Consider your pup's fur colour and personality when choosing a collar. A vibrant collar might look amazing on a playful pup, while a more subtle colour might suit a calmer personality. Most importantly, make sure it's something that you think will make your pup look their best!

At Woof Frills, we have the perfect collars for your puppy! Our collection features a wide variety of designs and colours to add some fun to your puppy walking kit. You can choose from a broad selection, including flower collars, tartan dog collars, and more, all designed to suit your and your little pup's style.

Simply pick your favourite collar design and even match it with one of our dog leads for a coordinated look. Your puppy will not only feel comfortable but also look fabulous on every walk.

Why Harnesses Aren't the Best Fit for Puppies?

You already know that a dog collar is a much better choice for your puppy. But you might be wondering why a harness isn't the right solution for young dogs.

A harness can affect your puppy's posture in a bad way because wearing a harness can put extra pressure on their developing muscles and bones, which can affect their posture in the long run.

Puppies can be very unruly when they go out for walks. They might pull on the leash because they can't walk properly alongside your leg yet. If they're wearing a harness, this pulling puts pressure on their whole body. Their spine is especially vulnerable during this early stage of their life.

Harnesses allow a dog to pull with more force than they would with a collar. The pulling force is spread out over their whole body, so they don't feel the pressure as much. This means they might not realize how much they're pulling and might end up pulling harder.

Final Thoughts,

So, there you have it! Hopefully, we've cleared up any confusion about collars and harnesses for puppies. It's so important to choose walking gear that's safe and comfortable for your little one.

Remember to check out our full selection of puppy collars to find the perfect one for your little pup, Here.

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Wooffrills best selection of puppy collars to find the perfect one for your little pup

Let us know in the comments if you've decided to go with a collar or a harness for your puppy – We'd love to hear your thoughts! And if you have any questions about dog care, or you want us to write about a particular topic in our next post, be sure to leave a comment.

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