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Dogs Blankets for Couch You Should Own for All Seasons

When it comes to our beloved four-legged friends, ensuring we have the most effective solutions in place to keep them warm and comfy is crucial – and this is especially true when you begin allowing them to sit on the couch with you. 

Luckily, our own range of stunning dog blankets is designed with your needs in mind, offering amazingly high-quality solutions for your pets.


Premium Dogs Blankets for Couch Pets You Should Own!

Whether you’re letting your dog sleep on the couch or just want to make sure the sofa’s protected if they do end up jumping on the bed, starting out with the perfect, premium dog blankets could be ideal. The following six designs are among the most popular options, making them highly popular for many pet owners.


#1 Bloom Me Away

large dog blanket from WoofFrills - bloom me away

Credit: @teddy_mouse_lola

If you’ve been looking for an extra large dog blanket for your beloved pet’s needs, our iconic Bloom Me Away design could be ideal. Measuring in at 150cm x 200cm, this awesome blanket is extra snuggly and ideal for covering your entire sofa, not just your dog’s space. Better still, with a minky dot white backing for ultimate softness and grip, this gorgeous blanket is also easy to integrate with any existing home design – so, no matter what your current home style might be, you know this iconic throw could be ideal.

#2 Pining for You

personalized soft warm dog blanket from WoofFrills - pining for you design

Credit: @thedapplesisters

Designed to be customized, our stunning Pining for You dog blanket features a gorgeous pine tree design and could be the perfect addition to your property. Notably, the design of this lovely dog blanket means it won’t look out of place for any property – even if you don’t end up letting your dog use it!

The Pining for You blanket is 70cm by 100cm and is fully machine washable. The blanket features a super-soft backing to help make your pet even more comfortable and cozy.

 #3 Butterflies

large dog blanket from WoofFrills -Butterflies design

Credit: @hugo_thepocketrocket


If you want to bring some natural energy into your home, why not give our brightly coloured turquoise and orange Butterflies blanket a look? It’s one of our biggest blanket designs, at 150cm by 200cm, and the powerfully contrasting colours really help make it the perfect huggable, snugglable blanket for your dogs.

Whether it’s the middle of summer or if you just need a little positive energy during the cold winter months, our Butterflies design really might be perfect. Better still, the fluffy white underside makes it absolutely irresistible.

#4 You Plaid Me At Hello

personalized soft and warm dog blanket from WoofFrills- you plaid me at hello design



If you love traditional plaid designs, You Plaid Me At Hello might be the perfect design. This gorgeous blanket measures 70cm x 100cm and is designed to live up to anything your dogs might throw at it, making it undoubtedly one of the best blankets for couch protection overall.

This gorgeous design can be embroidered with your pet’s name, as required, and is super easy to look after. The dark colour also makes it easier to keep the design looking gorgeous and clean, no matter how much your pet’s hair might shed over it. Muddy paws? No problem with this gorgeous, deep red blanket!


#5 Best I Ever Plaid

WoofFrills personalised soft and warm dog blanket - Best i ever plaid design

Credit: @thepurrfect_trio  

If you’re looking for a gorgeous plaid design, but our deep red option isn’t quite right for you, why not take a look at our stunning “Best I Ever Plaid” dog rug – the ideal, super soft pattern for any beloved member of the family? This brilliant style can also be embroidered with your pet’s own name (or names!) in dark brown/black thread, really helping make it unique to your home.

Add a little charm and magic to your property with this amazing 70cm x 100cm rug; it might just become one of your favourite pet blanket designs.


#6 Hearts

large dog blanket from WoofFrills with red and white hearts design

Credit: @teddy_mouse_lola 


Show off your love for your favourite four-legged friends with our brightly coloured Hearts blanket – the perfect option to help keep your sofa fun, welcoming, and (critically!) clean from pet hair or those muddy paws. Our large Hearts blanket measures 150cm x 200cm, so you know it’ll cover the full couch, and it can even double up for any of your pet’s other accessories, from dog cages to beds and more!


Final Thoughts

Let’s face it: finding those perfect dogs blankets for your couch can seem a little difficult, but this shouldn’t have to be the case – and today’s gorgeous designs might just be perfect for your needs.

Why not give them a try? We’re confident that you and your pets will love our beautiful blankets just as much as we do – and since each one can also be embroidered with your dog’s name, you know it’ll be just what you’ve been looking for!

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