WoofFrills must-have dog mum dog dad sweatshirts for dog lovers UK

Our Must-Have Dog Mom Dad Sweatshirts for Dog Lovers

Have you been looking for the perfect new garments to add to your wardrobe? In many cases, finding new clothing that really speaks to you and your passions can feel a little tough! However, if you ask us, this shouldn’t have to be the case. After all, you deserve the chance to show your passions, which is why our eager experts here at Woof Frills have come up with several iconic dog mum and dog dad sweatshirt designs to help you pick out the perfect new look for your wardrobe.

Why Should I Buy a Dog Mum or Dog Dad Sweatshirt?

As a dog mum or a dog dad, showing off your love of your four-legged friends isn’t always easy. Sure, you can get photos around the house and decorate things to ensure that the space is as dog-friendly as possible — but what about when you’re out?

Well, choosing a dog mum or a dog dad sweatshirt offers the perfect way to show the world! These awesome sweatshirts offer a simple design that will work with any outfit; yet, they also show those around you just how much your four-legged friends mean to you.

Woman undecided, pondering over which sweatshirt to choose from her wardrobe

Of course, being a dog mum or dog dad is a huge commitment. As such, not only is it often helpful to let other people know that there’s someone extra special in your life, but these handy garments also provide a cosy and practical solution to the common struggle of finding something comfortable to wear while going about your doggy duties.

As part of this, dog dad and dog mum sweatshirts are often an incredibly versatile option, providing the perfect amount of warmth for fresh spring and autumn days while still being snug enough for cool summer mornings and even crisp winter afternoons.

So, if you’ve been looking to buy a dog mum or dog dad sweatshirt, be sure to consider this as an option. You might just find it becomes the ideal option overall.

What Sets Woof Frills Dog Dad and Dog Mum Sweatshirt Designs Apart?

We know how much your pet means to you, which is why we have put our all into creating our gorgeous dog dad and dog mum sweatshirt designs to match.

Complete with a matching harness for your beloved pooch, our gorgeous designs are made from premium heavy cotton and are a unisex fit, ensuring you won’t have to worry. Better still, they’re available from small to 2XL in size, so there’s something for every dog lover to show off their doggy passion.

Woof Frills offers custom embroidery and a comfortable, soothing design

Plus, with unique custom embroidery and a comfortable, soothing design, you can be confident that you’ll not only look great but also feel amazing in your gorgeous dog dad or dog mum sweatshirt.

We offer great designs for our dog dad and dog mum sweatshirt collection! Explore the full collection Here


In my dog dad / dog mum era

In my dog dad / dog mum era sweatshirts for dog lovers by Woof Frills

Also Available in Lilac!

In my dog dad / dog mum era lilac colour sweatshirt for dog lovers by Woof Frills

Less people, more dogs 

Less people, more dogs, dog mum dad sweatshirt for dog lovers

Certified dog mum / dad 

Woof Frills Certified dog mum dad sweatshirt for dog lovers

It’s a dog dad thing

It’s a dog mum dad thing Woof Frills sweatshirt for dog lovers

There really is a design and colour for everyone, no matter what your normal look might be, you can count on our gorgeous designs to match. So, why not give them a try - you might just find they become your go-to dog-care wardrobe!

Find Your Ideal Dog Dad or Mum Sweatshirt Today

Your four-legged friend is just as much part of the family as anyone else! It’s perhaps no surprise, then, that a growing number of people are looking to show off their canine compassion with a dedicated dog mum or dog dad sweatshirt. Luckily, our stunning designs are perfect for many people. 

Explore our collection now and find your ideal dog dad or mum sweatshirt today

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