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6 Ways to Bond With Your Dog During the Holidays

The holiday season is busy and usually requires a lot of time away from home. Between shopping, parties, family gatherings and more, you most likely spent less time at home during December. And while you may not mind, your dog noticed your absence.

While they might not understand the true meaning of Christmas, they can get excited by the sniff of sausages in the air.

There are a number of ways to spend quality time with your dog during the holiday break, so he/she doesn’t feel left out when you go to your fifth gathering of the season. 


1. Take your dog for a special walk/new park or hike

This is a great opportunity to spend quality time together and explore a new area.

2. Watch your favorite holiday movie 

It’s been too cold outside lately, snuggle up on the sofa with your favourite blanket & pup and put on your favourite movie. Whether it’s Elf or Home Alone, your dog will love to spend quality time hanging out. 

3. Bake some treats for your dog

There is no secret that dogs love food,  You can try and bake some homemade treats, is easier than it sounds, Here are my favourite baking treats

If cooking is not your think, try teaching your dog a new trick or work on obedience training. This can be a great bonding activity and will also help to strengthen the bond between you and your dog, and is fun for both of you.

4. Let them help you wrap presents

Or let’s be honest let them play with your gift wrapping paper while you do the hard work. ;)

5. Include your dog in holiday activities and traditions

For example, you could take your dog with you to look at Christmas lights. Don’t forget your dog’s walking gear for that , we have the cutest dog accessories guaranteed to make the time you spend with your dogs special 

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