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Why Does My Dog Scratch the Carpet?

Have you ever wondered why your beloved dog keeps scratching the carpet? It’s not easy to understand why your dog seems to have developed this frustrating behaviour, but fortunately, it can be relatively simple to overcome! 

With this thought in mind, we’re looking at the key question that often plagues pet owners’ minds: why do dogs scratch the carpet? Hopefully, this will give you some new ideas on where to turn and how to stop your dog’s misbehaviour.

Why Do Dogs Scratch the Carpet?

Why do dogs scratch the carpet? When talking about cats, it’s relatively easy to understand their behaviour here: often, cats will scratch things to sharpen their claws. But this isn’t the case for dogs – so what could possibly explain this seemingly odd behaviour?

Well, there are several common reasons that your dog might be scratching the carpet. And while this can be incredibly frustrating – and potentially expensive – to experience, the good news is that it’s usually easy to resolve.


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One of the main reasons that people find their dogs scratching the carpet is anxiety and stress. Depending on the scenario, especially if your dog is feeling stressed and cornered, they may begin trying to dig at the carpet.

While we know this won’t work, in your dog’s mind, this may be a way of trying to escape from danger.


close-up bored pug dog laying alone

Dogs are highly intelligent animals, but with this comes a need for continual engagement. Indeed, your dog can get bored and restless just as much as we can – and if they’re feeling like this, they may begin taking out their frustrations on their surroundings.

Of course, boredom in dogs can manifest in many different unwanted behaviours. Scratching the carpet is just one example, so it’s important to remember this if you’ve noticed your dog engaging in such behaviours.


top view dog feels uncomfortable and makes a mess at home

If your dog is uncomfortable due to pain or poor temperatures, it’s not uncommon for them to attempt to alleviate this by “digging a den.” This is similar to the behaviours dogs may display when feeling anxious. Unfortunately, this behaviour may only may their discomfort worse, so recognising this early is critical to overcoming the challenge.

Learned Behaviours

beautiful border collie dog training with owner

Many of the reasons that dogs scratch the carpet are instinctual. However, it’s also possible for these to become learned behaviours. Often, if a dog notices that it is likely to get more attention from its owner after scratching at the carpet, it may repeat these behaviours. As such, while it’s often tempting to give your dog a scratch or a cuddle to distract them from scratching the carpet, this may actually make the problem worse in the long run. Oops!

Stopping my Dog Scratching the Carpet: Is it Possible?

So, we’ve answered, “why does my dog scratch the carpet,” but we still need to look at whether stopping these behaviours is possible. Luckily, this may often be easier than you realise!

Learned behaviours are among the easiest to sort. Here, you simply need to retrain your dog so that they know it won’t get attention when they misbehave. This can take time, but it’s not a hard thing to teach.

With discomfort or anxiety, you may need to take a slightly different approach. Making your pet more comfortable is, of course, integral. In addition, providing them with a shaded, soft blanket or enclosed bed may help alleviate their need to “dig” a new den.

Finally, boredom is also a relatively straightforward issue to tackle. Ensure your pet has plenty of space and toys when on their own, and when you’re around, try to give them enough time and care to help them feel a little less restless. Going for regular walks is also helpful in this regard. Make sure to have a dog poop bag holder with you at all times, so you no longer have to stuff poop bags into your pocket before each walk! Also, consider the activity requirements of your pet’s breed to tailor this to their needs, too! Due to their nature, for instance, a Border Collie may struggle with one walk per day compared to a more laid-back breed.

In Conclusion,

Stopping your dog from scratching the carpet takes a little time and perseverance, but the good news is that it’s not that difficult! As such, if you’ve been having problems with your pooch, be sure to try today’s simple tips to see if they might help!

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My dog came from a home where the owner use xx to take Holly out r times a day. She died.
Holly get a a lot of attention from us all. My Sister is here all day. I have a garden as well. But she is scratching my carpet by my door to the staircase. There is a hole there now

Julie kilburn

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